Location: Elba Island, Italy

Hello Everyone!

We had a lovely day in Elba. Watch team one (Tyler P., Jamie, Joe, Emerson, Dani, Liz, Clara, and me) came on watch at 4 AM just in time to see Elba for the first time. We anchored around 7 AM before quickly running back to bed for an extra two hours of sleep. Everyone got up at 9 to have breakfast before taking our PADI dive final exam. We all passed! For lunch, we had incredible Mediterranean bowls. Then we all suited up for an afternoon at the beach.

We went to a rocky beach just a dinghy ride away. There we played several games. One of them, we all stood in a line and had to arrange ourselves in age order without talking. We only had one mistake. Then we did the same thing but alphabetically with our middle names. After a water break, we buddied up and stood in a circle to play a version of Simon Says. It ended with a lot of laughter. Then I split the partners up into separate teams for an intense game of ‘capture the three water bottles.’ The beach was very, very rocky, so we all had to wear tennis shoes.

After all the games, we went for a swim and found a giant rock with algae on it. But everyone piled on and took some awesome videos with our Go Pros. We swam back to the beach when some of us got cold and found that Kendra had built an AWESOME rock statue. Reminded me a bit of home. Dad always builds sandcastles. Then we discovered that we can fit the small rocks into Bubba’s belly button. We quickly learned we all had the same ability, but no one could fit more than Bubba.

We came back for a salty shower off the boat and a mac and cheese dinner. Now we are cleaning up and prepping for movie night. I’m not sure what we are watching yet, but it’ll be fun. Mom, Dad, and Jack, I love you all very much. Uncle Fred, and all my grandparents, I love you guys so much, and thank you for keeping up with the blog! I can’t wait to show you all the photos and share all the incredible memories from this trip.

Photo 1: The beach in Elba
Photo 2: Kendra’s rock castle
Photo 3: Bubba’s belly button with Tyler P., Henry, and Dani
Photo 4: Savanna, Grace, Arden, and Clara on the beach
Photo 5: The beautiful sunrise in Elba