Location: 43 08.56' N 010 26.3 E

Buena Sera!

After being woken up with quite possibly the world’s most annoying song, ‘On the Floor’ by Ice JJ Fish, we ventured into Portoferraio, which is Elba’s largest city. After getting off the boat, we made a b-line for the nearest cafe before clearing out their entire stock of chocolate croissants (I wish I was kidding). After the dust settled, we started up the hill towards the fort. We didn’t end up going inside, but the view from the top of the hill was well worth the walk.

For lunch, we stopped at another picturesque cafe with outdoor dining and got an assortment of pizza, pasta, and other Italian classics. Our waitress was extremely nice, and we were amazed by her patience when it came to the drastic language barrier and our not so helpful attempts at speaking Italian. Before getting back on the boat, we made a mad dash for the grocery store. We were able to load up on everything from Pringles to body wash. However, by the time we were done shopping, we had to just about sprint back to the docks in order to make it on time.

Once back on the boat, we worked through our pre-departure checklist before lifting the anchors and heading for the mainland. We then had our first marine biology lecture and, afterward, got to enjoy our first burgers since leaving home. We capped off our day with our nightly squeeze question, for which I asked everyone what their dream job would be, as well as what they would like to be known for when they die. Everyone’s answers brought plenty of laughs, smiles, and inspiration and made me even more appreciative to be part of this awesome crew!

To my friends and family back home, I love and miss you immensely (Dwight the most), and I hope you’re all very happy.

photo 1: Liz, Emma, Declan, Joe, and Tyler in the salon getting ready for bed/watch
photo 2: Our view from atop the hill in Portoferraio
photo 3: Wandering through the streets of Elba