Location: Porto Venere, Italy

While today the weather was a bit dismal, we still managed to have a lot of fun and make the most out of it. I was on watch as we rolled into Portovenere, all while the sun was coming up. It really was a beautiful sight, with the sun illuminating the castle/church/fortress nestled right into the coast along with a beautiful multicolored fishing town. I saw my first shooting star on the way here as well, and it was easily well worth the wait. Unfortunately, around lunchtime, it started pouring down rain by the buckets causing us to retreat into the salon for the majority of the day. In an effort to cheer up the crew while the staff was outside dealing with the foul weather, as well as the anchor, a couple of us started to play some music in the salon. It was really sweet watching everybody vibe together and all jamming out to a bunch of different songs (mostly Dire Straits the way god intended). It really was cool seeing how much we’ve already grown and become comfortable with each other. We had some of our first official classes today, and leadership was a really good chance to figure out how everybody’s brain works. We got categorized into different types of leadership groups, and we got to really see how diverse everyone’s way of interacting and leading others was (blue leader all the way). Tomorrow we go on a badass hike all the way through the Italian hills, where I’m really excited to channel my inner Indiana Jones all the way there. It has been a very long time since I’ve woken up on three hours of sleep pretty cheerful, and I have everyone here to thank for that. Always excited for what’s next.
P.S.: Dylan wants to become a Sea Cucumber which I think is a great idea.

Photo 1: All of us in leadership class (Declan was the only one that posed)
Photo 2: Freddy waging a one-man war with Mother Nature
Photo 3: Red light ambiance in the salon to pass the time.