Location: Underway to St. Lucia

OMG, TODAY WAS YET ANOTHER AMAZING DAY!!! :):):) We are halfway through our trip, WHHAT!
The morning started a little rough when The Mountain woke me up at 7:05 to remind me that I was the skipper today – meaning I was supposed to wake everyone up at 7:00…oops, jejje! HOWEVER, you know what they say: when you are at the bottom, the only way is up!! And the rest of the day just got better and better! After a hardy breakfast (yogurt and granola), we had a Seamanship exam and a bunch of epic moments: Quinn fished and released a little Blue Runner (learned that in marine bio) that we called Jerri (:, Sam found Logan’s phone (that fell into the ocean yesterday lol), Steph, on the same dive, found a bunch of silverware we had lost, and Alexis found her Billy Joel t-shirt that had fallen into the ocean weeks ago!! After this awesome treasure hunt, we dedicated our morning to passage prep and sail raising. When we started this program 40 days ago, passage prep and sail raising felt kind of tedious, but today, oh man! We killed it, and we had so much fun! After the dinghies made it onboard safely, we broke into teams to take the water out of the bilges, prepare the sails, and put away our dive gear. Off we went! Waving goodbye to St. Vincent and our much beloved Bequia.
Soon after being out to sea, our three sail teams (led by Will, Logang, and Sophie) raised the sails, and we were officially on our way to St. Lucia, aka my island (: From here watch team 1 took the helm and sailed us through BLT wraps and calm seas. In the meantime, people finished their Marine Biology essay before starting their watch.

I’m now gonna go to bed knowing that I leave the next watch team under the craziest night sky!!!! Goodnight! I love you all!!! (:

To The Mountain’s mom:
hi (: I love you so much – Lucia
Hi – Stef

To Sophie’s sisters and cousin:
shoutout to BAMS – Sophie
hi – Lucia

hola nena, no se si lees esto jajja pero te quiero mucho y te echo mucho de menos – lucia
hi (: i love you so much – Stef

And shoutout to Logan’s mom because she is awesome, and we all love her (:

Photo captions:
1. Raising the sails!!!
2. Phone and T-shirt found!
3. Logan holds his phone for the first time after having lost all hope
4. Tate and Cap smile (nervously) before the Seamanship exam
5. Will on the line *cool sunglasses emoji*
6. The Mountain in action!: rescues beloved Dinghie and Kenzie!
7. Tate enjoying some boiling water after kicking a sea urchin ):
8. Quinn and Jerri!!!!! <3333
9. Strange sighting of Lucy eating a kiwi with the skin on and Cap looking very mad in the background
10. Quinn fishing
11. Lucy and The Mountain being hammers and prepping Ocean Star for passage!
12. Cap doing cool cap things
13. Eulalie with her 20th bucket of water
14. The Mountain killing an exam, as always.
15. Cool people also killing the exam!!!
16. The Mountain in action again!: saving The Earth by taking random plastic from the ocean
17. Upper bucket team happy before realizing how much water the bilge actually had!
18. Lower bucket team killing it!
19. Sails up!
20. Sweatin with mis amigas (:

Lucia (:

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