Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

After proclaiming my appreciation last night for being on passage and how much I loved it, I woke up delighted to have a full extra day of passage that we weren’t expecting. After sleeping from 4 am until Noon, I woke up the remaining notorious sleepy heads (Eulalie, Will, and Eamon), and we were treated to a greek salad lunch made by Stef, Logan, and Sophie. The whole salad part of the greek salad was a bit challenging due to the wind, but we made it work as best we could, and the deckies handled what didn’t make it in anyone’s mouths. After lunch, we rolled on with our watches and tacked our way up to St. Lucia. Finally, around 3 o’clock, we were close enough, and everyone came up on deck to take the sails down, which was impressively all led by students with Alexis on the helm. Once our sails were down, we were ready to motor onto the dock in Rodney Bay. After we were all settled and had all of our lines secure, the students had a chance to run for the first time in a bit, just up and down the top of the T dock were on, and let me say I have never seen people so excited to run. To finish off our evening, Steffi blew our minds with her mom’s turkey wrap recipe for dinner. Undoubtedly a favorite of the whole program thus far and has already been requested the next time she is the chef. For the squeeze tonight, I went with a classic, overrated and underrated thing. Which always sparks up some fun debate. Now that clean-up is over. We are all headed to bed for a much-needed full night’s sleep for all aboard since we are on the dock and won’t need anchor watch tonight. Happy Halloween Eve everyone, see you again in 20 days!

Picture 1: Sam on the helm
Picture 2: St Lucia in the distance
Picture 3: Some of watch team three on watch tis afternoon
Picture 4: Lucia laying like a kangaroo and Sam
Picture 5: Coming into St Lucia
Picture 6: Stefi post cutting onions for our delicious dinner