Location: Tobago Cays to Bequia

We awoke to a beautiful last morning in Tobago Cays. After breakfast we jumped into our pre-sail check list, anxious to get underway! I sought my revenge on the starboard anchor, its been a personal battle, but I finally hooked it. We raised anchor and waved goodbye to Jack Sparrow Island. Ed led the jib raise, Ryn led the staysail, Will led the foresail and Danny led the main sail. With the sails successfully up we journeyed on to Bequia feeling like pros! After an afternoon of sunny sailing we arrived at our destination around 15:00 making great time! As we approached the marina the squalls hit us hard allowing us to use our sound signals for poor visibility. Ocean Star was the center of some competition for the locals, as they competed for our presence on their mooring balls. After we dropped sail we had study time, most of us worked on our Marine Biology papers. Then we had dinner in the Salon as it was down pouring. Dinner was followed by a delicious vanilla cake with chocolate sprinkles, in celebration of our successful day of sailing! We ended the day with an Oceanography class, and headed off to bed. Hoping the rain stops before our anchor watches begin!