Location: BVI

So today was a very relaxed, fun day! Tom announced we were going to have an entire free day yesterday! This gave all of us the chance to get some shopping done, eat lunch/breakfast outside of the boat, or do our own sightseeing. I know the majority of the girls started their day getting brunch at a little restaurant on the main street. The brunch was delicious. We all had sandwiches, rolls, eggs benedict, and more. Of course, the group split up a little bit, but there was lots of shopping done by everyone. Personally, Mal, Gigi, Sage, Annie, Tia, Kayla, Abi, Natalie, and I found little hippie shops, an antique store, a small grocery store, and an old book shop! I heard the boys collected together for a nice lunch together as well! After our full day of walking, we met back on the boat to get ready for our last dinner in Gibraltar, also the last night for myself, Chansky, and Dima. We all dressed up and went to eat dinner at a restaurant near the boat. The food was delicious, ranging from pasta, pizzas, burgers, and awesome desserts. It was a bitter-sweet night because everyone had the best time being together and laughing all night, but we didn’t want it to end. I’m gonna miss everyone on Vela more than ever, and I know Dima and Chansky feel the same, but I am so grateful for every moment!