Location: Panama City, Panama

Day 39 has come and gone like a wave in the sea. We started the morning off splendidly by seeing our first pacific dolphins (and eating pancakes). Then we were shuffled off to land where we spent the entire day gallivanting around the city. A couple of us went straight to Old City to explore while some went provisioning, and still, others went to play tennis with our pilot from the canal transit. In the Old City, some of us met a local man who showed us some cool sights like the giant sundial, some areas in James Bond movies, and, most importantly, an ATM.

Meanwhile, Britt took a few people provisioning for food up until day 75. They had 17 trollies worth of goodies, including 120 chicken breasts, 200 tortillas, and 150 cereal boxes! Back in the Old City, we caught up with more people and decided to try to get a cab to the New City. Apparently, cab drivers like to say one thing and then drop you off confused and disoriented at the mall. Of all things to be doing in Panama, 9 of us were found at a mall. We stood in the food court in culture shock of being back in fast food central, even though it was all in Spanish.

Meanwhile, the Pilot was kicking butt at the tennis courts, but the verdict was “everyone is a winner.” Back in the Old City, ice cream, embroidered shirts, and island pants were bought before the taxicab picked us up to go back to the marina. (To my parents: I have finally found a blanket!) Showers and then dinner followed as usual with a fun squeeze question regarding turtles. After dinner PSCT class was held to teach the students about maritime law, tomorrow starts March, and a new Mr. Muscles will be awarded to carry Argo on their rippling biceps, so I would like to thank our February edition, Kris, for making everything look so easy! For all of you landlubbers, Mr. Muscles is awarded to one person each month for showing feats of strength, technique, and an overall good attitude (awarded by JAC and yours truly).