Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St. Vincent

Morning. Time to rise.
“There’s been an accident! Help!”
All hands on deck quick

Early morning dive
Four staff in water and hurt
Practice rescue skills

Three of us are saved
I convincingly play dead
Debrief, then we eat

It’s our last passage prep
One last time before the wind
One last glimpse of land

We sail upwind now
North and north and north we go
By islands and sand

We will arrive soon
48 hr passage
One last cry “Land ho!”

Photo 1: Declan, Clara, and Freddie responding to our rescue diver scenario. Injured divers played by Garrett McQ. and Dylan

Photo 2: Brianne, Jamie, Garrett W., Tyler P., Akiva, Clara, Dani, Arden, Emerson, and Joe attend to our injured divers (Garrett, Leoni, and Dylan)

Photo 3: Raising the anchor – our first steps on the student lead passage to Antigua. Helayna, Sav, and Zoe ensure a safe raise while Elle and Shona look on

Photo 4: Part of watch team two (feat. Tyler P): Akiva, Helayna, Sav, Joe, and Dani


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