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Greetings Family Family Family,
This is Vela Vela Vela Call sign Zulu Juliet Lima 2433, MMSI 378 113 343 change to channel seven two for blog broadcast, over.

Our position is 15 58.684 ‘N. 061 51.569 ‘W
As our sea fairing journey comes to an end, we can’t all help but look back on these amazing three months. Today marked our last class, which was the last of two seamanship VHF classes where we learned how to properly call for a mayday, pan pan, and a securite. Tomorrow we will take the exam and hopefully be VHF certified, which seems to excite everyone even if the classes were very long but nonetheless were full of very interesting information. The rest of the afternoon is all a little blurry for me since I took a lovely nap. I awoke to dinner being handed up through the gofer hole and people heading up on deck. For dinner, we had tacos which was a great way to end the day, along with a fun squeeze question and what, in my opinion, seemed to be a fun end of squeeze which was a group fist bump with explosions at the end. I right to you all now after the fact, the motor was just turned on, and we are set to make landfall in Antigua around the early morning. This is Vela Vela Vela Over and out…
Correction, This is Vela Vela Vela, Out.

Hey Rubin clan, WP Clan, and Holly Weber Clan love you all and can’t wait to see you soon.
Happy birthday Grammy love and miss you.

Message from Helayna
– Happy birthday to my beautiful old lady, mamma love you so much can’t wait to celebrate with you when I get back. Love Helayna.

Picture 1 Watch Team 2 and Tyler- back to front- l-r Elle, Tyler, and Dylan. Center -Joe, Zoe, Emerson, Akiva, Danny Savanna, Henry, and Helayna.
Picture 2- Watch teams chart
Picture 3- Salon Hangout- Left-right Savanna, Henry, Emerson Garrett, and Helayna.


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