Location: Underway to South Africa in the Indian Ocean

We are one week into our passage, and things are beginning to speed up on the Indian Ocean. Early in the passage, we were frustrated by a lack of wind, but since we sailed through a wild storm a couple of days ago, we have enjoyed some steady winds that have kept our sails full and brought us steadily closer to Africa. In the classroom, things are beginning to pick up as well. Over the next ten days, we have a number of tests and assignment deadlines, so we have begun to devote more and more of our free time to studying and writing papers. This trend was very evident below deck today. After a marine biology class and an episode of Blue Planet, the saloon remained full of shipmates hoping to get their work done before making landfall in a few days. It is always nicer to get work done on passage rather than onshore because once we reach a new place, we want to explore it rather than doing homework. With just a few days left on this passage, we’re all hoping to finish our work and keep our schedules open for our time in Richard’s Bay.