Location: Underway to South Africa in the Indian Ocean

We have been crossing the Indian Ocean since the end of September, a little over a month now. It is day 60 of the program, and we are two-thirds the way through our voyage this fall with a few days left before landfall in Africa! Two-thirds is a big milestone for us here aboard Argo. Time has a way of sneaking up on you. Each student came here with their own ambitions, particular goals, and reasons for joining the crew. I challenged them to have a bit of reflection today. Have you found what you’re looking for? Have you met your own personal goals? What have you learned aboard, which you will take back home with you? What back home do you now want to change in your life? I offer this momentary pause to reflect now because we are not done yet. With the Indian almost behind us, we still have thirty days to explore Africa and around the Cape of Good Hope, no small feet. Use the time wisely and soak in every moment, every sensation. If you do, you will find what you’re looking for.