Location: Savannah Bay

As the staff awoke this morning, excitement filled the air. The day had finally come! We worked together, finishing small projects to get Ocean Star shining in all her glory as her new crew was slowly but surely making their way from all over the country and the world to the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Our first two to arrive came at around 2:00 then, shortly after, our crew quickly tripled as a taxi filled with seven eager faces walked down the dock. The rest of the afternoon was spent checking everyone in and getting everyone settled in their bunks. Once everyone made themselves at home, everyone gave into temptation and jumped off the dock into the beautiful Caribbean water for a swim before dinner upstairs at Pusser’s. The final few finally trickled into West End during dinner and were happily greeted with a hot meal and smiling faces. The remainder of the night was spent with chit-chatting on the deck under the stars while everyone got to know each other. There is no telling how many adventures or exciting events that will occur over the next 40 days, but one thing is for certain; the memories created will last a lifetime.