Location: Cape Town, South Africa

It’s day two on Argo of our 90-day voyage here in Cape Town. Everyone is almost settled in and ready for the adventure ahead of us. So far, we are getting to know everyone’s names, but for others, it’s a challenge that will soon be no more. We’ve had multiple meetings and a very detailed boat introduction where we learned the names of the parts of the boat, how the engine room works, what’s safe, and what to stay away from. Later in the afternoon, we stopped by Two Oceans Aquarium, right next door, and saw different species of marine life such as sharks, jellyfish, and sea stars. Everyone was very eager to see the aquarium, especially those who are majoring or minoring in marine biology. After our visit to the aquarium, we split up and explored the markets to stock up on items that weren’t packed, had some food to eat, and took some very much-needed showers. Once everyone was back on Argo, we got ready for dinner, followed by the squeeze.