Location: Cape Town, South Africa

We got an early start at 5:30 today! After a delicious breakfast of yogurt and granola, we departed to hike up Table Mountain, our first hike of the trip. On the way up, we spread out as we found our own paces, but everyone made it all the way to the top at 1,085 meters. At the end of the morning-long hike under the South African sun, we were rewarded with gorgeous views of both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. It took us several hours to make the climb up, but we descended in only two minutes in a cable car on a scarily steep cable. After the hike, we had some free time. Some of us went to the beach, and others stocked up on snacks for the long passage to St. Helena. We finished our day with Kale & Quinoa stir-fry, and Chicken thighs. We will finish our day with our first seamanship class and prepare for another early day tomorrow morning.