Location: Cape Town, South Africa

We woke up bright and early today to a beautiful sunrise over the marina! 5:30 am never looked so good. Then we all piled into a bus and drove for an hour to get to the Fairy Glen, our safari destination. After breakfast, we set off on a bumpy ride through the reserve, guided by Dennis the South African Steve Irwin. He competitively spat poop, poked a lion with a stick, and regaled us with stories of his various adventures, including being trampled by an ostrich and charged by a cape buffalo. We gawked at lions, springbok, rhino, lapwing plovers, ostrich, oryx, eland, and much more. We were even introduced to two elephants that we got to feed by hand! Who knew elephants loved carrots so much? After lunch and long sleepy drive back to the waterfront, a few brave volunteers sweated Dan up the mast in the bosun’s chair. Tonight we round out the day with a class on South African history and Apartheid to prepare for a tour of a township tomorrow morning.