Location: Argo

Hello from 40ish nautical miles off the shores of Palau, Perry here, and today is the last day of passage. Today also marks the three-week mark of passage. It’s super crazy to think about how much we have done in these three weeks. From catching tuna to crossing the equator and appeasing the sea gods, it has been a very eventful three weeks full of sail handling and early wake-ups. Today, the day started out fairly normal, with watch team 1 (#1 for a reason) having the 8-12 morning watch. We were literally flying at an astounding 7.5 kn when a very large squall rolled in and sat on us for literal hours. It wasn’t all bad as you might think, however, as we saw a swordfish just hanging out swimming off the boat’s port side, which took us very much by surprise. After braving the weather, we had a great lunch down below, prepped by Jack, Sierra, and Nora, and got ready for super ultra double science day. After the academics were done, we had some free time until dinner, which was amazing, as usual. Today was a wet but great day, and I am sure that everyone aboard cannot wait until arrival in t-4ish hours. I am closing out the night with the 6-8 dogwatch, and I have some movies that are waiting for me down below, so this is Perry signing off. Goodnight, all you party people.