Location: Argo

. jk, we’re in PALAU !!! 🥳
With the blessing of being skipper for both the first and last day of this 22-day passage, It is my honor to tell you all not only about the amazing day today but also to highlight some of the amazing and unique parts of life disconnected at sea over the last three weeks.
Today was quite a long day as we all waited in anticipation to scream “Land Ho” and feel still ground beneath our feet again. We first spotted land late last night but waited until the day to enter the barrier reef because there was a narrow channel that we had to pass through. As customs came to clear us in and we waited for an update on where to anchor, it was everyone’s favorite, Boat Appreciation Day !!! This is when we all do a super deep clean of the boat, but this time, after a solid three days of rain and three weeks of open ocean, the boat had kinda turned into a gremlin dungeon and required a super DUPER extra special, ridiculously unbelievable deep clean. This was also in preparation for our TWO new students who will join us tomorrow!!! If they had seen this boat a day earlier, they probably would have gotten back on the plane, but thanks to everyone being willing to get gross and grimy, this boat is sparkly clean, just like it was for us when we first arrived. First, we de-passage prepped (I got to take the halliards down, which required a bit of monkeying around, so I was in my element) while some people began to clean out their cabins. Then, Dray and I were assigned the most dignifying job of cleaning out the gray water tank, and let me tell ya, it’s waaaaaayyyyy worse than any of you are imagining right now. I discovered true bio genies ooze with a bio content much greater than 30%. Haha, okay, it wasn’t tooooo bad.um, but everyone did a great job today buffin’ out the grime. Once we were finally wrapping things up, I asked Smash if we could go on land tomorrow as I was sooo anxious to get a hold of all you people back home, as everyone else on the boat was too, when she informed me that we HAD A NIGHT OUT THAT NIGHT !! This news was so good that I almost cried on the spot and ran on deck to spread the news. Then, the rain visited us again, so Dray, Heloise, and I played hot potato well, more like a wet potato to get all the potatoes back in the bucket. Being soaked in potato juice and who knows what else, we jumped in the turquoise waters below us for an ocean shower in the rain. Swimming in the ocean is almost always unbelievable, but the moment of floating atop the 80, dense seawater in a light drizzle of rain is something I wish I could have shared with everyone I love. After the rain stopped, the dingy lines turned into a makeshift American Ninja Warrior setup, and a bunch of us embraced our inner Tarzan. Then, after we were somewhat dry, we got ready for shore, changed back our clocks, then waited for the water taxi to pick us up from Vela. Oh, and I evened out my haircut, but Justin did not make it easy. The water taxi was soooo fast, and the driver was super cool. We ate at a place called Kramer’s in northern Palau, and the couple who owned the place was sooo sweet and patient with our huge mess of a group. The food was to die for (for real, Sydney almost had a heart attack when they announced that they had one singular chocolate lava cake left), and I had never heard so much laughter or seen so many smiles on everyone’s faces as I did tonight. Most of us also were able to connect to a bit of wifi or turn on data to make a phone call or two home which puts everyone’s minds so much more at ease. At least, it did for me.
Passage was amazing, and the blogs hopefully sent out almost every day, so I won’t be repetitive, but here were some of my personal favorite aspects of it that each of you are reading this should ask your friend or family member about:
1: Crossing the Equator Ceremony
2: The Moon Bow
3: Bioluminescent jellyfish bloom ??
4: Storm sailing
5: Ocean swims with no land in sight
6: Jack quotes
7: Spinner Dolphins and “Whale sprouts” – Jack

Well, the last time you heard from me, I wasn’t sure that we would make it, but here we are, most of us with most of our pieces, but all of us with a slightly different appreciation for the open ocean and complete disconnect from the rest of the world. We’re super eager to greet both Larkin AND Lillie tomorrow and hope to get in contact with all of you soon. Thank you, parents, relatives, and friends, for being understanding of the lack of contact over the passage. We all hope to get in contact with you soon. Mom, dad, I love and miss you. I also really miss each of my siblings and can’t wait to meet the baby girl who will very, very soon make me an auntie.
Until next time- Skippa Snow