Location: Bali

This morning started off with watch team two on watch bringing us into Bali. They spoke of the sun rising over the volcano on Bali and said it was one of the best sunrises we have seen thus far. Once anchored, we had a nice quick breakfast from Hu. Then we jumped into some BA. BA is always nice after passage to thank Argo for getting us to where we were going. We scrubbed all the floors and walls in the galley, salon, and bunks, as well as a full deck scrub to get rid of the salt spray we took on during passage. Matt and Carolyn did some rust stain removing on the outside of Argo’s hull. After BA, we had a customs officer come onboard to take care of some domestic paperwork we needed. Huge thank you to Tim for always taking care of the paperwork and moving us along quickly. We also had class after lunch, and PSCT students had their tides exam. 2 of 5 exams were done with, and Nav Master was right around the corner. We are all excited! After classes and exams, we had some free time to relax and study for upcoming school work. We also had our emergency action plan for the rescue diver course due today. That was a fun assignment to complete. We had a wonderful dinner from Hu again, always rocking it in the galley. We are all getting excited about thanksgiving, planning meals, and sides everyone is making.

I hope the Bentleys, Drains, LeJeunes, and Papa all have a great thanksgiving on the cape.

Singing off from Bali, William