Location: Bali

Hey there! On the second day in Bali, and excited for the next 23 days, we have left to make the most of this marvelous experience.
Everyone got ten extra minutes of sleep today (the skipper forgot to wake up as the skipper…) until a “ukelele serenade,” as some would say, with improvised, personalized lyrics, woke them up. Smiles were abundant! Regardless of the just woken up singing voice :). Entering the salon this morning was a surprise for all; decorations for Amanda Cole’s birthday were hanging all around, and the smell of Lolo’s bagels coming out of the oven was amazing.

After breakfast, we split up into two groups, half of us had Oceanography research group meetings with Hu on the chart-house under the big tarp, and the other half had a study session for the NAV Master exam with Gabe in the salon. After having cabbage pancakes made by Kayli, Amanda C., and Gordon for lunch, we switched the groups’ locations. In between these two classes and meals, we had some great free time that some enjoyed sleeping (a lot), “productively” drawing (Emma), doing laundry (which got an extra rinse from the rain… second time in a week that Rykleigh chooses an inconvenient timing for doing laundry), calling family and friends, sun tanning, preparing a baked surprise for Amanda (Carly, Margo, Vivian, and Chloe), and more.

Meanwhile, Lolo, Sydnei, and Caroline spent most of the day doing provisions, which is always exciting; not only because of the amount (3 full Megatron shuttles) and diversity of food they bring on board but also because of the anecdotes they bring with them. Listening to the methods they figure out to try to communicate with locals, and their reactions, are hilarious!

After dinner, two chocolate cakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting and candles came up the companionway, and once more, we celebrated our caring and joyful program manager and friend Amanda. During the squeeze, some eyes got a little bit wet when hearing appreciation for her and lifelong memories. Also, we discovered the weirdest food, or thing, that this crew has ever eaten, we got: chocolate-covered ants by Chloe, “something that Gabe made, Idk” by Hu, ketchup on a hot dog or sugar in coffee by Gabe (I think you can tell why he is known for making weird, or different, food), a small key by Kayli (we don’t know if it is still in her body :0), fish eyeballs by Amelia, Margo and Sydnei, etc.

From Bali, Indonesia, daily enjoying an amazing life on board a sailing boat with 31 souls that bring fun, unexpected occurrences to light every day,
Lucia A.

D, Lucia, and Rykleigh being goofy
Fresh provisions!
Bake squad making Amanda’s birthday cake
Amanda’s birthday cake and hungry excitement all around
Emma went a little crazy on the cake…
Staff doing the traditional birthday face masks 😉
Tim being a ninja warrior over provisions.