Location: Tobago Cays

It felt a bit strange finding ourselves back on passage after spending a relaxing and rejuvenating week in Barbados. Most of us were able to get out and about and explore much of what the island had to offer. When it came time to depart, it felt like the right time to move on to our next destination. Each watch team enjoyed a single watch over the course of our overnight passage. It’s crazy how over one week’s time, it can feel like two-three weeks since our last passage. Having now been through two ten-day passages, these overnight trips are a piece of cake! Before we knew it, we had arrived here in the Tobago Cays. There are few words better to describe the area other than simply calling it Paradise. All around us, in every direction, there are small, densely wooded islands and shimmering bright blue waters. We were fortunate enough to be able to have some free time after class this past afternoon to go and explore a nearby island. Some hiked its wandering paths while others enjoyed snorkeling over its expansive system of coral reefs. To top off the day, Lexi graciously cooked one of her hometown’s favorite meals – Vinaigrette salad and salmon cakes! It’s hard not to be appreciative of everything we’ve got at this point and where we’ve gotten to. Sailing in the Caribbean makes everything that much better!