Location: Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays has really been quite the incredible destination, allowing for a great time to be spent together as a group not only aboard Argo, but in the water, and on the beautiful sandy beaches. Today marked the start of something we have had yet to do on Argo, the boom swing! What is the boom swing…? well, its a swing, on the boom. More specifically, it is a contraption we put up along the boom, so we were able to jump from the cap rails of Argo into the beautifully warm Caribbean waters below. It was such a blast getting to just play around, everyone attempting to do different tricks or poses off of the swing. This also allowed for all of the crew to learn who is really gifted at back-flips, and who is really gifted at belly-flops. With a few stinging backs and a few more stinging bellies, we all persevered and overall had an amazing time just being able to fool around on the swing. The daily sunshine has been perfect, allowing for our little pet cacti (Bert and Roberta) to get plenty of sunshine, and hopefully, they will start to grow a little more.

All in all, Tobago Cays has been nothing but good to us. As someone who has worked with and been part of many different types of groups of people, ranging in age and cultural diversity and background, I personally have never seen a group of more tightly knit people, not to mention how quickly it has happened. We may be more than 2/3’s way through our trip, but sometimes groups never click, and never truly become a family. The crew aboard Argo right now has, without a doubt, become an amazing family of goofy, fun-loving terrific people. Tonight we posed the question to the group, “If you had to take the person to your left on a date, what would you do? Where would you go?” and it just goes to show how fantastic this group is that we were able to answer the question quickly, eloquently, and with great humor. I believe that Argo has some black magic powers, which are what conjure up these family-like bonds, and for that, I thank the witch we have onboard, wherever she may be, for casting this spell on this boat.