Location: Underway to Union Island

Today we left Barbados and are ready to sail/motor to our next location. The last week on land was amazing. A lot of people went and explored all the different cities on the island. It is interesting to see who people choose to spend their free time with. The sails got repaired, and Lexi and Ben spent the entire day helping put them back on the boat. Yay them! People helped with provisioning today, which means we have tons of yummy food onboard and a small farm in the freezer. The food was really delicious on the island. On our passage, flying fish have been hitting people in the face, flopping on board, and being hidden on deck. It was fun getting to eat them. It is an interesting feeling to go from running in the morning and having a full night’s rest to being awake for four hours in the middle of the night and trying to do push-ups on the boat. It is a lot harder to do push-ups on a moving boat. We spent the evening together as a group preparing the boat for passage. Argo is now officially on her way, and we are back to our typical passage life. Except for this passage, everyone has learned their lesson and has a ton of snacks. When one has to be awake at odd hours of the night, one really needs tons of cookies, skittles, crackers, kale, and chocolate. Parents, when you look at the credit card bills, just know we needed our skittles…BAD.