Location: Port St. Charles, Barbados

Today was another typical day for crew members in Barbados. Before breakfast, Aika, Zack, Sam, Tom, and Rachel all did a pre-breakfast workout; some of them went on runs, and others did yoga. After breakfast, the day rolled with another practice dive for groups 1 & 3. The rest of us either explored the island or hung out at the marina and ate copious amounts of magnum ice-creams. We were told that we have to stop ordering them at the yacht club because they are almost out of stock. After almost a week in Barbados, I think that we have all had enough junk food and WiFi to last for the rest of the trip. In the afternoon diving group, two and the advanced open water divers both went on their own respective dives. Our advanced divers dove the wreck about a mile off Argo, and for the first time for many of us, we were allowed to dive without an instructor. This allowed divemaster Kyle to practice his skills in leading dives and gave us the responsibility to monitor our own buoyancy, air usage, and other diving skills. The dive went very smoothly, and we hope to have many more of them to come. Now that we have finished our diving in Barbados, we can have our night out (which we have all been looking forward to). Some people are remaining at the yacht club, while others are deciding to go out into town. Regardless of where people decide to go, I’m sure that everyone will have a relaxing and enjoyable night before we head out to Tobago Cays tomorrow evening.