Location: Underway to the San Blas Islands

Our time in Aruba has come to a close. This small island has reminded us how our life back in the United States or Canada typically is. For many of us, Aruba was a small break from the exciting and different cultures we have witnessed so far. One moment we are experiencing carnival in Bonaire or sampling bizarre fruits in Dominica, and now we are getting Subway in Aruba. With the bowling alleys, casinos, Dunkin’ Donuts, and shopping centers, Aruba definitely deserves the name Little America. We started our day with a couple of hours on shore to stock up on any last snacks, Skype, send out an email to loved ones, or simply get a last cup of Starbucks. Shortly after, we prepared Argo for a 550-nautical-mile passage to the mainly uninhabited San Blas Islands. Around lunch, we were briefed by Sam, telling us that we would be traveling through bigger seas in a few days from now. He expects us to be going through winds from 25 to 45 nautical miles an hour. While this makes some of us nervous, I can’t help to feel excited about what’s to come. We are saying goodbye to the last bit of Western Civilization and heading toward deserted islands. The sea may be rough, but what good sailing adventure has ever had calm winds and smooth seas?