Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

If you moor your boat around the Petit Piton, St. Lucia, the scent of tropical vegetation and dirt will overtake the salty air of the sea. The mountain is the most dominant feature around the area-it begs ambitious young sailors to climb it, but well save that for another trip. If youre paying close attention to your nose, hints of sulfur will hit you as the offshore wind shortly picks up then settles down again. Around 7 am, pontoon boats of fisherman whiz by within meters of Argo, perhaps to take a look at one of the larger and younger crews one sees on a 112-foot schooner. The four or five fishermen of each boat stand tall to give us a good look as they pass, and the outboard engine rumbles. Their driver constantly bails water out of the stern in an effort to keep them afloat. Under the morning sun, the water is transparent-blue through the 15 meters to the seafloor, and as the saltie team pours our crumbs and dirty dishwater overboard at midships, schools of needlefish appear at the surface and nibble on the floating remains of our meal.

Promptly after our last breakfast by the Petit Piton, the student crew of Argo prepared for our Navmaster exam with Carolyn and Dan in the salon while Ben, Lindsay, and Tina maneuvered Argo off of our mooring and on to Rodney Bay. Our entrance into the marina was smooth but got exciting after a bowline didnt quite make it to the dock, and our bow was pushed offshore towards a wall of concrete. Ben, as expected, was cool on the helm and didnt seem at all startled. With the help of our bow thrusters, Argo held her place as our bowline was re-coiled and finally thrown again (successfully) to the dock. We inhaled a Greek lunch from Tina upon arrival, then scurried to get our passage prep done for tomorrows student-led journey to Dominica. Charts plotted, deck teams organized and engine room inspected, we spent the remaining hours of the afternoon getting smoothies and coffee at the nearby mall. After dinner, we enjoyed a night out at the marina and headed to bed not long after.

Dad, Mom, Katie, and Alex- I cant wait to see you soon. Colin