Location: Roseau, Dominica

Our unexpected stop in Rodney Bay turned out to be quite pleasant. Dominica is, unfortunately, still in the process of recovering from last summer’s highly destructive hurricanes and is unable to provide us with the provisions we need to feed a boat full of hungry Argonauts. Moving up the island to Rodney Bay was our solution! Funnily enough, I had been here several years prior, with my family and was excited to show people around from the grocery store to Pigeon Island, which is not actually an island. While students were off the boat for most of the day, the staff split our time off the boat. It was unusually hot on Argo today because all of the hatches were shut not because it was raining but because some of us woke up to an unexpected visitor: a friendly cat. Clearly, someone’s pet but one that we had to ensure didn’t stowaway with us to Dominica. When Amy and I finally escaped the heat in the afternoon for our time off the boat, we stopped off for some lovely Indian food and too much naan closely followed by a brisk hike. Pigeon Island, a national park connected by a short spit of land to the larger island, boasts two peaks, the taller, Signal Hill, and another on top of which sits a colonial-era fort. They’re steeper than they look but offer sweeping views of the whole bay and beyond. Meanwhile, students were busy prepping Argo for our third student-lead passage and the first overnight. We departed St. Lucia just as the sunset, celebrated Lauren’s birthday with wave-themed brownies, and fell into student-created watch teams for what is sure to be a sleepless but entertaining night.

Greetings to all the friends and family I have been neglecting. I love you all lots! Also, Patrick, you really need to plan a hiking trip here…