Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

We awoke early this morning to the chagrin of all to get a jump start on the day and our forty-mile passage from St. Vincent to St. Lucia. Though not excited about being up earlier than usual, the smell of chocolate chip waffles perked everyone up, and we sat down on the deck to eat a delicious breakfast. Bellies full, we motored out from behind St. Vincent, hopeful that once we were out of the lee of the island, we’d get the puff of wind we’d been waiting for all morning. Deeming it windy enough to be worth putting sails up, we hoisted all three boom sails, the jib and the flying jib. We were then able to turn the main engine off, ease sails out and sail the rest of the way to St. Lucia. Visibility was so good today that we could see the Pitons, and as we got closer, they looked bigger and bigger. All were excited that we would be mooring right beneath Petit Piton near Soufriere. Lines securely attached, we lowered Irv (one of the dinghies) in the water, attached the ladder, and everyone hopped in for a swim. As the sun started to set, we brought up tables and benches, eager for the Mongolian Chicken dinner we were having. Laughter and conversations could be heard from around the dinner tables, and we finished up with the squeeze question for the day “what do you think of when you think of home?” Answers ranged from childhood homes to important people in our lives. Clean-up complete, we all gathered in the salon for an Oceanography lecture on ocean circulation before winding down for the evening. Tonight we are going dark so the stars can be fully appreciated, and maybe even a few wishes can be made.