Location: 4 22.64'S 105 35.06'W

It was another hot and rainy day here on Argo. Watch team three, on their 12-4 am watch, made some delicious pie to celebrate probably one of the most important days of the year, Pi day. Along with the delicious desserts for the day, James, the head chef, took on some challenging meals, which included black bean burgers with fresh-made rolls for lunch and steak potpie for dinner. Today’s classes were Marine Biology and Navigation in PEN. Today was the last day of navigation before the test, so we put all of our knowledge to use to complete some last practice problems. Just as watch team two began their watch at 6 pm, it started to rain, and I had the pleasure of helming when the rain was coming down hard, which was really exciting. Today was the first day we ate down below because of the rain. We also had squeeze down below, which consisted of all things pi. The questions were what is your favorite dessert and your favorite number in pi. And we ended squeeze by saying 3.14159265358979 all together.


P.S. Happy belated birthday to Gram and Boompa! Thank you for all of your support, and I can’t wait to share my adventures with you when I get back.

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