Location: 4 53.61'S 108 09.70'W

Argo sailed through another soft, quiet drizzle today. We went about the motions that have melted into our daily lives: bow watches, boat checks, class. Today, however, we watched a documentary about climate change titled “Before the Flood.” It featured Leonardo DiCaprio as himself, delivering sermons to the U.N. about carbon emissions and how humanity must reduce its massive consumption of fossil fuels. The film impacted our audience, and Leo, as always, delivered an Oscar-worthy performance. The motor continues to rumble, and while we have yet to sail, something tells me the Pacific shall bring us some good winds. Passage life, as far as I can tell, glides by. We’re already a week in and will cross the 4000 nautical mile mark soon! Time feels buttery smooth right now; I guess it must mean we’re having fun. Listening to the hum of the motor, we sat in the cockpit, laughing, smiling, and joking throughout dinner and the post-meal squeeze.

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