Location: 5 36.32'S 110 25.59'W

As of nine o’clock this morning, the cadet crew of Argo has passed 4000 nautical miles of voyaging around the world. So far, we’re about one-third of the way across the Pacific, and you really get the sense of sheer emptiness here. Hardly anything in this blue desert, but occasionally we’ll see the odd bird or sea turtle. It boggles my mind every time I see one of the little storm petrels fly by, and I admire that a creature that small can fly this far over more than a thousand miles of the open ocean. All around, squalls race by and occasionally hit us. It’s quite rainy near the equator as it turns out!

Today we also celebrated Hannah’s 22nd birthday, and after dinner and the squeeze, we were treated to a round of Carolyn’s delicious Blondies. Unfortunately (luckily?) we were left with seven extra slices, and so Hannah held a trivia session about all the things we knew about her to see who would take possession of the last crumbs of golden treasure.

You may remember from a previous log that we had an issue with a halyard during a particularly nasty squall. Today, our intrepid first mate, Ian, was hauled up the mainmast to reattach the broken D ring. The steel ring looks nothing like it did before, and it reminds one just how powerful the forces out here are. In light of that fact, we also conducted a safety drill today.

Lastly, it was announced at lunch that Argo will be hosting prom on day 65. Tina proposed to Captain Ben by dressing up as a baby sea lion with Steve Irwin translating her infantile squeaks to her new prom date.

All in all, it was a fairly normal day aboard Argo.

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