Location: 6 09.09'S 112 58.00'W

Again another wonderful day in the blazing sun in the middle of the Pacific with no sight of Chick-fil-a or any boats. Got a fantastic array of clouds ranging from Cumulus to Cirrostratus. Today was particularly abnormal as some exciting events intervened in the flow of the day. After the everyday Lunch briefing, Tom, one of the more gregarious students aboard Argo, proceeded to ask Carolyn, our Oceanography teacher, to the Argo prom. Tom was very nervous, but he gushed his emotions through a heartfelt poem. Carolyn was very excited to get a date as she was afraid of going alone. The dialogue following the prom-posal:

Carolyn “Awwwwwwwwww! Thanks, Tom, but I’ve already asked all of Watch Team 3 to prom.”

Tom “Oh”

Carolyn “It’s ok! I’ll still go with you!”

Tom “Yes! But how do I explain to my girlfriend that I asked my Oceanography teacher to the Prom?”

Awkward silence.

After our lunch, which consisted of a delicious cold pasta accompanied by ham and chicken wraps, we watched the well-directed and exiting movie White Squall. Our crew has been particularly keen on seeing this movie as it shares the true story of a sailing school vessel that was sunk by a massive storm while on a long passage, losing several students created a hopeful atmosphere. The movie was overall very enjoyable as first mate Ian _________ (his last name is a mystery) filled our bellies with copious amounts of sugar popcorn and tap water.

Today finished with a good dinner, a great sunset, and another prom-posal, this time in the form of a scavenger hunt.

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