Location: Porto Venere, Italy

The good crew of Argo enjoyed another idyllic day in Porto Venere. We began with a breakfast of egg sandwiches, followed by an oceanography class and one of the “Blue Planet” DVDs. After class, some of us went ashore to take advantage of the payphones and shopping. We were all sure to check out the Pusteria, where a local woman sells and offers samples of her own authentic Genovese pesto. After lunch aboard, some set out to explore nearby La Spezia while others stayed aboard to work on oceanography projects, nautical science homework, or just generally help the staff by applying new skills toward splicing lines for our dinghies. We all enjoyed a gourmet meal of spaghetti a la pesto for dinner and finished off the night with another sailing DVD to prepare for passage tomorrow night. We’re trying our best to catch up on sleep tonight in anticipation of our Cinque Terre hike tomorrow, followed by our departure to Spain tomorrow night. We won’t be back online for several days, so hold tight, and we’ll let you know when we’ve safely arrived in the Balearic Islands. Hasta luego!