Location: Porto Venere, Italy

Gelato: 2 euro. Laundry: 9 euro. Castle entrance: 4 euro. Seeing a vending machine filled only with pesto: priceless. Argo entered the quaint port of Porto Venere, Italy, shortly after 0700. We balanced out the new background with an old favorite: BA (or boat appreciation). By lunch, Argo was shining from every D-ring. The motivation to go ashore, er . . . have an oceanography class, expedited the cleaning process. After a scholastic hour of current and tides, we set out to explore the Italian port. The crew split based on interests – be it castles, beaches, or culinary adventures. We joined back on board for dinner and the “squeeze.” The option to venture out a second time was offered, which a few crew took advantage of. Most, however, chose to stay aboard to watch an educational sailing video, “Captain Ron”!