Location: 5 30.69'N 52 36.67'W

We woke this morning a little refreshed after having gotten an extra hour of sleep due to our time change. We scarfed down a breakfast of oatmeal, tropical fruit, and yogurt a component many of us were inordinately excited for. We blew through clean up and launching the dinghies so that we could get ashore for the leadership challenge activity for the morning. We split into our three watch teams and waited to open our first clues for how we prisoners of the penal colony of Isles du Salut would find our tickets off the island. There were three different staff-led challenge activities that each team had to find around the island based off of the clues handed to us. The first one that watch team two encountered involved us all climbing a moss-coated tree leaning over a small ledge, and then silently reorganizing ourselves in number order without anybody touching the ground. It was slippery, comical, and quite a struggle. Carolyn told us we had pleased the monkeys, and our next clue led us to the islands helicopter pad, where we untangled a few human knots with our eyes closed. The last challenge involved crossing a lava river, where the only thing impervious to the lava was nine coconut husks. Some of us chose to wear them as funny toe shoes, while others used them as precarious stepping stones. After completing their last challenge, each team received a clue that sent them searching for their ticket off the island in the ruins of the prison cells farther inland. The whole experience let us explore the island and was an entertaining activity for team-bonding. Watch team 3 was victorious and will be rewarded with a sugary treat in Barbados. For the remainder of the day, some shipmates returned to Argo, while others continued island exploration and grabbed some tasty food and plenty of French baguettes. We picked a lot of super-under-ripe guavas and made good pals with some really cute monkeys. When everyone was back on board, we had seamanship class, passage prep, and speed showers before we raised sails and pulled out of French Guiana. We then enjoyed dinner in some of the roughest/bounciest seas weve seen wince Cape Town. Its comical seeing everyone slide and tumble around, attempting to clean up.