Location: 7 57.43'N 54 55.22'W

As an homage to Zefrank, for hours of entertainment, I humbly present True Facts about Sea|mester

These are true facts about Sea|mester:

Some mornings on Sea|mester, you wake up and realize youre in the middle of an ocean. You drag yourself out of bed, put your sailor pants on, and ascend the companionway, only to realize for the second time, this time more viscerally, that you are, in fact, in an ocean. You look around, and all you can see is the ocean. And the sky, actually, but mostly ocean. Royal blue waters lap at the rails of your ship, and you think, Wow, Im incredibly content right now. Well, that sucks, because the ocean hates you, and it lets you know by smashing you in the face with a wave breaking on the starboard cap rail.

Sometimes the ocean decides to give you a break, to take pity on you, maybe, given its seeming omnipotence while youre out in the middle of it. It sends its most adorable ambassadors to play off your bow, and you spend fifteen minutes watching dolphins cavort in the waves before suddenly disappearing. This almost makes up for the wave to the face at four in the morning. Almost. Then it goes right back to its old tomfoolery and spontaneously generates three fishing boats within a half-mile of your boat. If youre slightly crazy, like me, your mind immediately goes to them being pirates. Okay, maybe more than slightly crazy. Anyone? Pirates? Cmon, pirates are reasonable!

Not really.

Eventually, the day begins to drag into one long gust of wind and ocean spray. This is both good and bad. Its bad because you run out of things to write about for your contractually-obligated blog post that you forgot about until that morning. Its good, however, for your speed. You manage to travel over 200 nautical miles in a 24-hour period, and you feel pretty damn good. Thanks, ocean, thats on you, too.

Alright, breaking persona now. Today really was fantastic, we traveled over 200 nautical miles in 24 hours for the first time, the vast majority of it completely under sail power! We saw three pods of dolphins, ate quesadillas, and even started to get to the point that getting hit with sea spray is refreshing instead of frustrating. Weve made enough distance that we should get to Barbados in just two more days, so heres to hoping! As always, hello to all my friends and family reading this back home, its been a fantastic voyage so far, and I know itll get even better. This is Ethan on voyage day 52, signing off.