Location: 12 37.35'N 59 08.19'W

Our last expected day underway until the Caribbean portion of our trip strikes the gong of commencement. We have continued to sail this whole leg, often maintaining 7 knots (granted favorable currents are, well, exactly that, favorable), and it doesn’t seem like the end of the sailing is in the offing. The shipmate’s anxiousness for getting ashore continues to mount as the conversations of what the first thing they are going to buy for a snack or using heads that don’t require any pumping. It certainly doesn’t help when Barbados is bound to be our first dockage since we left Cape Town.

The real happenings of the day are the culmination of a few shipmates’ thought children, this being the Argo Prom. Promposals, often cited as the most interesting part of prom, filled the day, most of which were quiet and kept secret until the unveiling of couples “arriving” together. The main saloon and galley were decked out enough to make any party planner proud, and the music and dancing filled out the experience well. Kings and Queens, too, were crowned (Jack and Grace respectively), awards for best Promposal doled out with rewards of ice cream to follow. Ultimately, a day well sailed, and this crazy adventure continues on Barbados Bound!