Location: Underway to Mauritius

With Coco’s Keeling far behind us to the East, Diego Garcia laying to the North, and Mauritius still 1,400 nm to the west, the crew of Argo finds itself on the eve of the halfway point in our 90-day voyage. It is almost as impressive to look at how far we’ve come as it is to look forward to what we have yet to accomplish. Although we aren’t even halfway to Mauritius yet, spirits are high and rising as the magnitude of this experience is appreciated by all. When asked what they are most proud of about the first half of the trip, most of the crew took pride in the community that had been built aboard Argo. Everyone had fears and apprehensions as they arrived in Australia 45 days ago, but as we churn our way through this vast expanse of water, we have friends, happy memories, and confidence to fuel us for the second half of our voyage. As a staff member, it is so energizing that the students (and staff) are so excited to be here and that everyone has found their voice and a place to call home here on Argo. The growth that has happened here is already palpable, and I am so excited to see how each person continues to progress and challenge themselves. We have many adventures ahead, and the group is in a fantastic position to finish this trip in a good way.

In other news, we were joined last night by a friend of the avian variety. Affectionately named Paolo, our tropic bird friend has been resting at midships for about 100 miles, and we all hope he soon regains his strength to carry on his travels, wherever they may take her/him.

Fishing lines have been in the water for the past two days as Tim and I wait for ‘the big one’ to take a chance on our lures. The taste of fresh wahoo or dorado is one of the finer treats a sailor can enjoy, and we hope our new rigs will prove prosperous in the coming days.

Watch team four is having a great time sharing nightly book reports on books we are listening to or reading, a tradition started early on in our passage by Aiden. Sofia has shared some of her family history with us, along with a couple of ghost stories that gave us chills. Tucker, our local film buff, has been ready with reviews of any movies that have come out in the past couple of years. Jack is our resident sage and regales us with stories of his travels and ski adventures all over the United States. It is a shame Kylie and Sam O did not bring their instruments because, as accomplished musicians, I think they would form quite the duet on bow watch.

To the human beans reading at home, all the best, and much love from Argo.
All the best, Coop