Location: Grenada

Sup. We had a fun day of hiking and waterfalls. The morning started with a fun dingy ride to the beach, where we then enjoyed a morning stroll to a park to wait for our taxi. While waiting, we had a fun playground sesh on the swings and jungle gym. After our taxi dropped us off, we were ready to begin our journey up Mt. Qua Qua. We knew going into it that it was going to be muddy, and it did not disappoint. Nature decided that hiking up and down a mountain would be more fun with mud-built steps. We slid to the left and then slid to the left. We even crisscrossed. I even almost lost my shoe to the mud, so I took the one shoe on, one shoe off approach for the rest of the way down. There was lots of butt sliding and full sending into the mud but full of laughing. After the hike, we journeyed over to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. It was the most fun way to rinse off and feel refreshed. We all walked up to the waterfalls and then got to jump down into all seven waterfalls. The biggest one was number six, with a 40-foot jump. Almost everyone went, and Isaac and Brett even conquered their fear of heights. The day finished with much-needed ocean showers and a warm and yummy dinner.