Location: Gerenada

Hello All,
It was another amazing day aboard the infamous Ocean star. Most of the day, we weren’t yet cleared into Grenada, so all of our activities were on the boat. After breakfast, we started our practical hands-on EFR. We discussed what to do in many different types of emergency situations and how to provide the proper care for an injured individual. The class consisted of us splitting into groups and doing scenarios such as a spinal cord injury or a heart attack. We were told to try to have the injured person in a natural falling position, needless to say, that didn’t last long people started trying to find the hardest possible places to treat an injured person (most of the pictures are the extremely creative positions that people came up with!). After the small group activity, everyone joined to help in one scenario. Somehow, Sarah managed to fall and wedge herself in-between the bench and the mast. Our goal was to move her without creating any further injury.

New Sheets!!!!!
This afternoon we had boat appreciation, where we took several hours to deep clean the boat. After several hours of the big booty mix and some elbow grease, the boat is looking, dare I say, the cleanest yet. You never know how much you really overlook and appreciate a clean area until you live on a boat.
Experimental Squeeze!
Today’s squeeze question was, would you rather be only able to breathe in water or be allergic to sunlight. (AKA a vampire) As we went around the circle, for some reason, people seemed to slightly change the original question to best fit their answers. This created a telephone effect throughout the circle. Somehow we got so far off the original question that someone answered that they would want to be a hawk🤣. In the middle of the squeeze, we were interrupted by what we thought were bioluminescent squid that was lit up and surrounding the boat just below the surface.

1. Raes wrapped broken wrist by Ela
2. We are still trying to figure out exactly what sunny and Kelly are doing here and what is so interesting behind that sail cover!
3. We were told to come up with creative injury positions, and Sunny took that VERY seriously.
4. We split into groups working on the Log roll with Kelly, Sierra, Ela, Fizz
5/6. Sarah moved ray into the Log Roll position.