Location: Grand Anse Bay, Grenada


It’s your girl coming at you live (again), this time from Granada (yay!). I am currently writing this sitting next to Alexiou, who was too lazy to write his own blog today… so you get me again! (you are welcome). It was a great day today! The day started bright and early at 7 am. Well, actually, it was yet again another wake-up (but it was not my fault this time)… 4:30 am. At 4:30 am Savannah was on watch and noticed we were swinging quite a bit (Sam here – not quite what happened, but close – Mia actually woke us up at 3:30), so all the staff had to get up and move the boat, which included picking up the anchor (and the noise from the anchor being brought up so rudely woke me and the rest of the foc’sole up). It was all good, though! Once we moved to our new spot, we got to wake up bright and early at 7 am, just in time for underway breakfast. We had yogurt, cereal, and fresh fruit set out in the galley.

Hola. Side note – Sam says I smell like a cookie.

Anyway, Sam was headmaster and has some time that she doesn’t know what to do with (for once).

Sunny just cxritisized me for the way I write my blog… and the way I spelled criticized.

Sam now wants to watch a boring documentary.

Anywayyyy, After breakfast, we had a delightful 7ish hour passage to Granada. We split into watch teams and had one hour on and two hours off. The seas were pretty calm, and there was just enough wind to sail without the engine on (YAY). When we got here, I joined Heddy on the bowsprit to help put down the jib and flying jib. It was kind of terrifying, but I was clipped in it and felt super secure, so it was, in fact, really cool being up at the bow looking down at the water right below me while we were moving. We flaked the sails (which basically means folding them up in a chaotic fashion) and put the boat to bed.

Sam just admitted to looking around the salon while we are onshore…. weird. Though it’s important to note that this only came up because everyone else in the chart house is snooping around the cabins in here. So really, who’re the weird ones? Everyone?

Once we were fully anchored and the boat was in bed, we took our EFR exam so we can officially be professional doctors and save all the lives ever ( Sam here again – they are definitely not getting trained to be professional doctors) and had a seamanship class where we learned more about charting. It was exhilarating stuff. Sometime towards the end of our seamanship class, my bestie from Vela swam over to say hi (OH, BY THE WAY, WE ARE ANCHORED RIGHT NEXT TO VELA, HOW COOL). I just got news Sunny was supposed to help me write the blog, and she has done nothing. How rude. Sam also just told Heddy I smell like a cookie, and everyone is excited about the amount of conditioner I use. They are now laughing about how they (Alex and Hedrek) can touch the ceiling because they are so tall they’re kinda weird.

Alex just admitted he has never done his own bucket laundry, and his clothes aren’t “really dirty.” Classic.

Anyyyywayyyyyy, not much going on for the rest of the night. We have a ton of school stuff due soon, so you can expect most of the people to spend the next couple of hours finishing their assignments last minute in the salon. Well, that is all for now, folks! I will see you again soon!

and pretty sunset
Signing off,
Rae C (your favorite o star human)

pictures- me at this moment writing the blog while sam and sunny goof off (slackers)

Mom, Dad, Nacl, and Whisky (the dog)- I miss you guys so much! I am having an absolute blast, and I can not wait to tell you guys all about it and show you all the pictures. I love you guys.