Location: Falmouth Harbour

Good evening!!!
Finally we have completed our dreadful quarantine. Don’t get me wrong the view here is Falmouth Harbour is beautiful, but we are anxious to sail around the island and break in our sea legs! So today was an absolute relief when this mornings schedule came with the a visit from the nurse. But before we could get there we had some things to get out of the way.

First and foremost, the most important meal of the day of breakfast. Today we had toast and cereal; perfectly portioned so everyone got at least two pieces of toast and a cereal of their choice. The simplicity made clean up a dream, no nasty baked on gunk to deal with.

Afterwards came the a moment of uncertainty, we sat for a solid five or ten minutes praying that the nurse would call us ashore to complete our final temperature check before Steve would begin his marine bio class. The result was bitter-sweet because although class came early, it was out of the way for the rest of the day and a breeze. Following the marine bio class was the Calum’s Seamanship extravaganza. We reviewed the competent crew exam and followed it my our first boat quiz! This quiz consisted of only six questions about oceanstar which we are all able to complete ( with alittle help from Calum). Next we rested and waited for the nurses on shore to be ready to take us. The chefs began to cook lunch when we finally got the green light from shore and we were off.

After our return and our fabulous lunch of fried noodles, we prepped for today’s main attraction…. the fun dive. We got our dive kits and gear assembled and dinghied out to the reef and hopped in. Everyone seem to have a blast in the water. Me and my partner Ethan did a rather shallow dive and explored some cool underwater sites, after a quick visit from a curios barracuda, we explored the reef lining the edge of the islands and saw some abandoned scuba tanks and stingrays. Certainly a interesting dive.

After our return from the dive we waited for Calum to come back from the sacred provisioning run. He returned some time later with a literal boat load of groceries. We assisted with the offloading and packed everything away neatly in its place. Then came the delicious dinner of pasta. Midway through our night squeeze a nice little rain cloud came over forcing us back to the salon for safe haven. Now, as I write we prepare for our first night snorkel. Hopefully we will see some cool night fish and we will tell you all about it tomorrow!