Location: Underway to Bonaire

Sailing is one of only a few means of transportation that forces the voyage to be more important than the destination. Instead of jetting to a distant location at subsonic speeds, today Argo sailed across the Caribbean Sea. While many would consider moving at six nautical miles an hour unfortunate, I view it as a blessing; life goes by way too fast. Today was the first full day of our longest passage yet. As we sail from Dominica to Bonaire, we are surrounded by open water, without land in sight. It was a fantastically, quiet day. Watch teams continued to rotate, as usual, four hours on eight hours off. During watch, I spent an hour on bow watch, surveying the water in front of us for incoming vessels. Due to the lack of turbulent waves, I sat on the bowsprit, looking forward to the hundreds of nautical miles we had left to cover until Bonaire. Today’s meals were amazing, thank you to Hannah Mangel for organizing and cooking them. I would also like to say hello to all those at home; I miss you all very much. I hope the snow in New England is manageable. Lastly, I love you, Mom. (Ding).