Location: Hillsborough, Carriacou

Hello Fans aka our blog readers

What a crazy 24hrs has it been. Our day started out very nice and peaceful, having some amazing French Toast for breakfast and some delicious fruit. But due to our maybe not so great scheduling skills, we’ve been hit with three quizzes and an exam all in the past 24hrs. Safe to say our brains are fried. Don’t worry, though, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel. For example, before lunch today, many of us spent the late morning swimming, tanning, painting, and overall just relaxing. The weather could not have been better, and we all took advantage of it. Then after a delicious lunch, we had some review time for our Marine Bio exam, and after that, we were off to experience carnival. The carnival is one of the most popular Caribbean festivals, and it did not disappoint. For the last two days we’ve been hearing the loud music and cheering from shore, and today we finally got to enjoy it. There were hundreds of people walking down the street, dancing, eating, laughing, singing, drinking and overall just having a great time. Many of us went to a local cafe, where they had the best smoothies and milkshakes which were very delightful and refreshing. We got to see the many foods stands the carnival had and even bought a couple of items from the different local stores. We also got to see Ms. Carriacou 2020 and all her dancers around her. Safe to say their outfits were hard to miss and actually pretty awesome.

Furthermore, the overall vibes were just awesome and getting to experience a once in a lifetime festival was a great opportunity many of us won’t forget. After the carnival, we all came back to take a much-needed shower after a very hot day. Enjoyed some fantastic fajitas for dinner and I was lucky enough to come up with our squeeze question of the night. The question was, “what is everyone’s biggest fear” and let me tell you the answers did not disappoint. My favorite one was Matthew M’s answer. He really knows how to make everyone laugh.

Moreover, my favorite part of the day was obviously the carnival but also the free time we had where we all got to swim. Tye and I really enjoy jumping off the boat, especially diving off it; therefore, we had a blast. All in all, it was a great day aboard Ocean Star, and now that we are done with quizzes and exams for the week, we are all excited for what’s next.

Until next time Fans,
Skipper Gus