Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Hello all,

Today we went to test the waters to see what we are made of for the Classics! We woke up at our regular time, 7:00 am, to find that Ocean Star was pulling into the harbor. Therefore, I found it fitting to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song to wake everyone up. We had yogurt and granola/cereal with pineapple for breakfast before heading out. We then did a prompt clean-up and headed out. After doing some practice tacks and jibs, we were all getting hungry as we could smell lunch being prepared. For lunch, we had chicken Japanese curry by Peter, Nat, and Ben. It is supposed to be sweeter than normal curry in comparison, and it definitely was that and more, very tasty! After that, we headed back to the harbor, where before arrival, we had a Marine Biology lecture on estuaries and coral reefs. We then had free time before dinner, which many used to take a swim in the ocean and shower off and then to study as our leadership essay, Oceanography Quiz, and Marine Biology essay were coming up quickly. We then had dinner, which was cheesy polenta with spinach, tomatoes, and zucchini. Then we did clean up, and the second group of divers went for their first-night dive since being on this trip. Overall, we had a good day and are all excited to dock tomorrow morning at the harbor and get some shore time!

Thanks for reading,