Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Waking up to yet another day of rain, the crew of Ocean Star is 100% OVER the rain. We started the day below deck, hiding from the pouring rain. For breakfast, we had some delicious breakfast burritos that consisted of eggs, veggies, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. After clean up, we had oceanography, where we learned about the effects humans have on the ocean. It was definitely a reality check to see the entire effects simple everyday tasks have on our environment. Once class was over, we started to gear up for passage. Because of the cold rainy weather we have been experiencing over the last several days, everything is very wet. So, before we could even move into passage prep, we spent a good amount of time attempting to put on warm clothes underneath our moist foul weather gear. Once we had our gear on, we went up on deck to brave the pouring rain. As we got the boat ready to start sailing, we had to dodge large pieces of debris that had accumulated in the ocean from the entire river runoff. Once we got sails up, we had a short 20-mile sail to Les Saintes where the sun finally came out! We ate lunch underway and had quinoa bowls. After we arrived, we set up our dive gear for our first rescue diver training dives. The 7 of us that are taking the course eagerly jumped off Ocean Star and into the water. Once in the water, we learned different approaches and tows for panicked and tired divers. We then hopped out of the water and learned how to assist a diver from the boat. The skills we learned today are good skills to have, but we all hope we never have to use them. Once we broke down a gear, we had a little bit of free time before dinner. Most of us worked on upcoming assignments that are due soon. For dinner, we had sausage and pineapple. It was very yummy, and there were no leftovers. After dinner, we had a seamanship class where we learned how to calculate time, speed, and distance through plotting points. Everything we are learning, we are now able to apply to our passages, and it is all starting to make more sense. We are all looking forward to applying this class to our next passage in a few days.