Location: Mayreau, St. Vincent And The Grenadines

This morning I woke the crew up to some music by my favorite band Needtobreathe. Everyone got up quickly but wasn’t too happy when they learned it was still raining. For breakfast, we had toast with beans and mushrooms, then immediately followed the cleanup. We had Oceanography, during which the staff raised anchor and started the motor to our next destination (Mayreau). After class, a few of the crew members decided to put on their foul weather gear and brave the rain to get some crisp Caribbean air. The crew members that were out (Sinclair, Sydney, Emma, and myself) helped drop both anchors and sang along to some throwback jams. Then we had some downtime before lunch. People enjoyed catching up on sleep, studying, and a very “annoying” dance party…

I bet my brothers are glad they missed out. For lunch, we had turkey or ham wraps with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Unfortunately, we had to eat down in the salon again. After lunch, Carolyn drove us to shore on Irv, and we got to explore the island of Mayreau. Even though the sun never showed up, some people stayed and hung out on the beach, while others walked to the other side of the island to view the Tobago Cays from above, and some sat at a local restaurant with wifi. Steve picked up the chefs at 15:00 to head back to start cooking, but everyone else stayed until 17:00 because the local supermarket opened at 16:00. Our marvelous head chef, Sam, plus his sous chefs (Ian and Emma), crafted a delicious carb-filled meal, pasta, and homemade rolls. Although we had to eat down below again, our daily squeeze question still commenced. I asked, “if you could have any skill or ability, what would it be?”. The answers were riveting: from having gills to being able to plug yourself into recharge (instead of sleeping). Carolyn then sat the crew down to take our international crew exam. The rain finally let up, and we got to enjoy sitting out on the deck for the first time in two days. Even in the Caribbean, we need a little downtime.