Location: Underway to Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand

We are currently underway for Koh Tao, and it hasn’t stopped raining since we left yesterday morning. The rain has been intense, many of us said we don’t remember seeing so much rain ever before. The clouds have been grey and torrential downpours flood the decks. Watches have been fun, we’ve had the company of 3 small birds lost at sea, and enjoyed a few rounds of guess the time of the next rain shower. After watch we come below, change and dry off. We’ve been eating our meals down below in shifts which has been nice. We’ve been sailing “in the groove” as we tack our way motor sailing upwind. Everyone has developed their helming skills and our courses are perfect straight lines. We’ve had some wind and waves too, making the passage challenging and a bit bumpy and rolly. After lunch we had an oceanography class on seawater properties, followed by a Blue Planet DVD on Coral Seas, in anticipation of our diving in Koh Tao. As the night settled squid boats became visible on the horizon, and the skies cleared, is this the end of the rain?