Location: Underway to Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand

We are currently underway, making the 200 mile passage from Koh Mak to Koh Tao. After all the excitement from being ashore these past few days, it was a nice change to hoist sails and be on the open seas again! After breakfast we pulled up the anchor, hoisted the sails and set on our way. Unfortunately the weather and wind was not on our side. Decked out in our foul weather gear Watch Team 3 (consisting of Ed, Leah, Sam and myself) took Argo out into the Gulf and the swells. As the watch teams rotated everyone was hoping that the rain would stop and they could remain dry. A few of the watch teams were greeted by a little black bird that flew down onto Argo. It’s pretty impressive that the bird made it out here, considering we are 25 miles from shore. The bird, which was eventually named ‘Dog’ was quite friendly and ended up perched on Mike’s finger. Once Dog had dried off from the rain, it took off again.andlt;br /andgt;Even though today provided to be wet, rainy, and rolly, the crew of Argo is in good spirits and we are all looking forward to our arrival in Thailand.andlt;br /andgt;