Location: Soufriere Bay, St. Lucia

Today was full of rainbows. We had an early wake up this morning because some of us decided to go hike up a nearby rock to a historic outpost in St. Vincent. After hiking, we had delicious waffles with Nutella and strawberries for breakfast. During breakfast, a double rainbow appeared over St. Vincent. What could be more perfect than rainbows and waffles? After breakfast, we finished doing passage prep for a short passage to St. Lucia and set off. On the way to St. Lucia, we saw several rainbows. We split into watch teams for the passage, and some of us even got in a nap today! The view coming into St. Vincent was gorgeous. We moored right next to one of the pitons, which are two tall ancient volcanoes. Before dinner, we got the chance to do some boat appreciation and clean all the salt and grime off the deck of Ocean Star. After yummy pad Thai for dinner, we had our student leadership class. It was an awesome day! Tomorrow we go explore St. Lucia’s botanical gardens, hot springs, and another volcano.

I am looking forward to many more adventures to come.